Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. All information pertaining to this French e-Learning Platform is provided herein. Therefore, every person enroling for its online French course will be deemed to have done so with full knowledge of their obligations thereof.

2. The online French course offered on this platform is for a period of nine (09) months.

3. Tuition fee is GHȼ 100.00 a month and is to be paid at the beginning of every month.

4. Any delay in tuition fee payment will automatically cause your student account to be disabled.

5. Tuition fees paid are non-refundable.

6. It shall not be allowed to copy or transfer the contents of the lessons to a third party or store same onto any device.

7. Each and every student will have a tutor readily available to answer their questions during working hours, either in writing or through voice notes as may be deemed appropriate.

8. Any complaint about the course shall be addressed to the Coordinator at the following address: coordinator@myfelp.com.

9. The validity of student login credentials will be as follows:

  • GHȼ 100.00     –     valid for 1 month
  • GHȼ 200.00     –     valid for 2 months
  • GHȼ 300.00     –     valid for 3 months
  • GHȼ 400.00     –     valid for 4 months
  • GHȼ 500.00     –     valid for 5 months
  • GHȼ 600.00     –     valid for 6 months
  • GHȼ 700.00     –     valid for 7 months
  • GHȼ 800.00     –     valid for 8 months
  • GHȼ 900.00     –     valid for 9 months

10. Students are reminded always to log out when they have finished learning, or when they want to pause.

11. Student login credentials are non-transferable.

12. Upon successful completion of the registration process you will receive a confirmation email from the FeLP team.

13. Access to the platform shall be restricted to two (02) devices per student. The devices shall be of different kinds, e.g. laptop and mobile phone.