About Us

About Us

French is a very important language that Ghanaians should strive to acquire. The country’s geographical location, make the learning of the French language very relevant. This French e-Learning Platform (FeLP) aims to facilitate the learning of French among Ghanaians and other Anglophones.
The platform is a partnership between three organizations, namely Espace Francophone Ghana, Crystal Galaxy College and Rabteq.

Espace Francophone Ghana (EFG)

EFG is a duly registered organization which is set up to promote La Francophonie in Ghana as well as showcase Ghana to the francophone world. EFG is made up of Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian lecturers, translators, journalists and communicators with various degrees in French, English, translation and linguistics. EFG has published a number of articles with very renowned French-speaking Western media houses and has also been formally commended by the French Embassy in Ghana and the Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) for its command of the French language and efforts to popularize the language in Ghana.


Years of Language
Education Experience


Learners Enrolled in
FeLP Courses


Qualified teachers and
language experts

Alain Ferolle Mboungou

Director: Espace Francophone Ghana
Coordinator: French e-Learning Platform

Isaac Ankomah

Director: Crystal Galaxy College of Aviation and Professional Studies

Executive producer: French e-learning audio/video materials

Kwabena Raphael Addo

CEO: Rabteq
IT Director: French e-Learning Platform