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About This Module

The Intermediate module aims to consolidate and expand the knowledge acquired at the Beginner module. Compound, past, and future tenses will be introduced and explained using everyday life examples, comparing those tenses with their English equivalents. Upon completion of the Intermediate module, students would have acquired a very solid grounding in the French language. They would be able to express themselves in more formal contexts.


  • Each module is for a period of three (03) months. The modules are divided into units, each of which covers a grammar topic and is followed by a set of practical exercises.
  • Though students may learn independently at their own pace, they would be learning for at least six (06) hours a week for steady progress.Our audio and video materials are prepared solely by native speakers of French, so that our cherished students will not pick wrong pronunciations.
  • Our teaching method is practical, interactive and grammar focused. With over 20 years of practice of both French and English, we do know how to address the difficulties of anglophone French learners.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn French fast and easy.
  • This French course is designed for beginners. We start with the absolute basics.
  • If you are nearly intermediate you can improve your Frech with this course.


17 Lessons50h

Unit4: French Negative Expressions (La négation en français)

Lesson 1

Unit5: Adverbs of quantity (Adverbes de quantité)

Unit 6: Interrogative Adjectives and Pronouns (Pronoms et adjectifs interrogatifs)

Unit 7: Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns (Pronoms compléments d’object directs et indirects)

Unit 8: Relative Pronouns (Pronoms relatifs)

Unit 9: Pluperfect and Present Participle (Le plus – que – parfait et le participe présent)

Unit 10: Qualifying Adjectives and Adverbs (Les adjectifs qualificatifs et les adverbes)

Unit 11: The Comparative and the Superlative (Le comparatif et le superlatif)

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